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Top 5 Anime Fights by Elijah Cole

Elijah was one of the first people to reach out to us about writing a post for the blog. He’s a pretty cool dude who loves writing and anime so the two go hand-in-hand here. Keep it up Elijah I hope to see your name on an anime one day! Without further adieu here’s his top 5 Anime fights:

5.Madara vs The Allied Shinobi forces, “Naruto Shippuden”


This is more of a one sided slaughter let alone a fight but I still think it’s pretty badass, I like the show just not a fan of the naruto character. Madara takes on the entire army, two kages, and a Naruto clone and comes out unscathed. You’ll get to see him pull out some intense fire style as well as his Susanoo. He makes this easily one of the best fights in the series, with a perfect mix of taijutsu and devastating ninjutsu.

4.King Kazma vs Love Machine, Summer Wars”


I saw this movie on the last day of Summer and I was all bummed out that school was on Monday. Needless to say I layed down all disappointed and turned the TV on to toonami to see what was on. As soon as Summer Wars started playing I was so blown away by the movie that I completely forgot about school, if you get around its a good watch. Definitely for those who love some old school hand to hand combat.

3.Ken Kaneki vs Jason, Tokyo Ghoul Season 1″


Again another kinda one sided fight but still none the less an awaking of a good overpowered classic, if you like horror anime i recommend Tokyo Ghoul. I’ll let the clip above do all the explaining.

2.Bell vs Minotaur, Danmachi”

Haven’t really seen the anime too much but this fight alone puts it on this list. Expert swordsmanship, a likeable main character, and stunning visuals. It’s a complete must see, a clip or picture wouldn’t do it justice so. You can watch the full fight yourself below.


1.Second KeyBlade War, Kingdom Hearts 2 Secret Ending”


Ok, ok…. technically not an anime, but I think it’s debatable if you haven’t gotten around to the kingdom hearts series then you’re missing out on a good story with a great cast and a perfect mix of Disney and despair. You get to see Disney go wrong and things get a little dark for Walt’s creations. If you’ve played Final Fantasy then I’m sure you’ll love this series, but I’ll admit it can get a little confusing along the road, playing them by order of release is fun and cool but to understand the full story up until this new point you need to play it out of order.


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