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What form is Trunks in, in Dragon Ball Super?

Nishit has been a fan of the page and website since the very start, and he definitely knows he’s stuff. So when he came to us about writing an article I knew I just had to post it. To say that it’s well written and insightful doesn’t even give it enough respect. Keep up the good work bud, you’re definitely going places. 

Enter: Nishit

Trunks’ form in Dragon Ball Super is a big mystery so I’ve come up with a few theories to help explain it and this is totally my opinion and yeah please post your thoughts too.


So as we all know that when Gohan was in Mystic form his ki changed to a shade of blue (not the shade of Super Saiyan God blue however) we also know that most human characters in Dragon Ball Z have some shade of blue or white ki. So it may be that Trunks some how just mixed his SSJ ki with normal ki (which is either blue or white) and somehow that made him stronger than SSJ Blue (very doubtful, and I’m pretty sure Toriyama wouldn’t do such a thing to get the Mystic form back.)

So there are some things I want you to notice:
1. His ki color is even darker than the normal ki color.
2. He has the yellow aura in the outer shell of the ki.
3. His eyes turned white (maybe alluding to a Legendary Super Saiyan Transformation? Broly’s eyes are the only ones that also turned white.)
4. His muscles shrink (unlike any other SSJ transformation his muscles which cause the muscles to grow)

So now coming back to my main point

Theory 2

Let’s think of his blue ki is God ki. I mean after all when Goku and Vegeta achieved SSJ Blue while training with Whis on Beerus’ planet the moment their fist met in a punch the background went blue. It’s assumed that Goku transferred the ability to use God ki to Vegeta (remember Goku had first absorbed the God ki into himself during the first Super movie and his body basically learned what it was). So then it’s possible that some God ki was transferred to Trunks while he was training with Vegeta in SSJ Blue form. So therefore Trunks’ form was some variation of SSJ Blue, but why was it different, and arguably stronger than Goku and Vegetas SSJ Blue form?

Heres the thing Goku  and Vegeta mixed the SSJ 1 and God ki with a calm mind to achieve the SSJ Blue. Trunks tried to achieve the same form BUT this time he was in the SSJ 2 form that made him a lot, lot and a lot stronger than the normal SSJ Blue. The question remains why wasn’t he able to use the full potential? Because to achieve the SSj Blue you need to have perfect ki control and calm mind which Trunks lacked so he couldn’t go any further than what we saw in the latest episode of Dragon Ball Super.

Hope you guys liked it and this is my opinion and not the real one so don’t ask me on why this wasn’t true

~Nishit Vadlamudi