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Strongest Anime Characters – Ultimate Guide

The strongest anime characters has been a debate issue since Goku first released a Kamehameha wave. While it’s impossible to state the strongest of all time. (New anime come out every year, and old characters are constantly getting stronger). I’ve decided to build a system that will let us compare the heros and villains of the anime universe more easily.

God Characters

These are without a doubt the strongest anime characters, the can accomplish inhuman feats without breaking a sweat or even showing their true power in a series. They are without a doubt the strongest in the series, but aren’t always the main character (being basically a God would make fights boring). It’s also hard to compare these character with character from other series because we haven’t even begun to see their true power. Some examples of these characters are:


1. Saitama (One Punch Man)

Strongest Anime Characters
Argued by many as one of the strongest anime characters

100 situps, 100 pushups, 100 squats, and 10 km run. Everyday for three years. One Punch Man’s rigorous workout routine that lead to his immeasurable power. This power has come at a cost however since he acquired it he has been able to defeat every single opponent with one punch. Much to his disappointment as he is no longer able to enjoy the thrill of a good fight. We have never seen One Punch Man break a sweat during his outrageous feats so we can only assume that he wasn’t even using 10% of his actual power.

Feats include surviving in the vacuum of space, and launching himself from the moon to the Earth. This is without burning up entering the Earth’s atmosphere. Withstanding the gravity effects of a black hole. Destroying an incoming asteroid. Even negating a star destroying energy blast, and killing his opponent with a single blow.

2. Whis (Dragon Ball Super)


Whis is the well mannered servant to the God of Destruction Beerus. It’s revealed by Beerus however that Whis was also his martial arts master, and is much stronger than even him. This is shown when Whis knocks Beerus out with a single chop to the neck. Whis is also able to fend off both Goku and Vegeta without much effort, even toying with them by writing his autograph on their clothes. Stating that he can react faster than their synapses could reach their brain. Aside from seemingly infinite speed and strength he also possess plenty of unique abilities. Reversing time for three minutes when the Earth was destroyed, and traveling across several nebulas in mere moments just to name a couple.

Legendary Characters

This are characters that basically dominated everything around them with ease. The only way they could be taken down is through every single other character uniting against them. They can be defeated, but it’s usually in some lame cop out that pisses a lot of people off because the author pulled something out of their ass. legendary characters are the strongest anime characters without basically being Gods and untouchable. Some of these anime characters include:

1. Broly (The Legendary Super Saiyan)


Born with a power level of 10,000 Broly as an infant is stronger than Goku even after Goku trained in the otherworld with King Kai. In his first appearance he was able to dominate all the Z warriors he went up against. Easily controlling the tide of battle against Super Saiyans Goku, Vegeta, Trunks and Gohan, and Piccolo in his Super Namekian form. Broly even takes a fully power Kamehameha wave at point blank without even flinching. Broly is only defeated after all the Z fighters transfer their energy to Goku, which is somehow able to defeat him. Even though all of them separately at full power couldn’t even scratch him. He appears again in later movies, again dominating every single Z fighter, and again somehow being defeated in the span of minutes with some cop out.

2. Kaguya Otsutsuki (Naruto)


The creator of all chakra, the first ten-tails jinjuriki, and possesses all Kekkei Genkai. It’s a long resume and we haven’t even started to talk about her abilities. She’s able to create and travel through different dimensions. Not only that she is the embodiment of every single ninja, possessing every ability in the series. I would have to write a completely different article to try and sum them all up.

To keep it short, I’ll try to describe what it takes to seal her away. (She can’t die because she’s immortal). She was first defeated by her two sons Hagoromo, the Sage of the Six Paths (a God himself in the series), and Hamura (also the equivalent of a God albeit less powerful than his brother). The second time she is defeated it takes Naruto (the series main character), Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi, and Obito. And this is even after Naruto and Sasuke receive some of Hagoromo’s power, and Obito is killed.

Hero Characters

These are usually the main characters in a series. They definitely don’t start out as the strongest anime characters, but through their training are able to usually come out on top. Usually loveable and strong although not the smartest, they’re the character’s we all grow to love. Some of the favorites are:

1. Goku (Dragon Ball Series)


Born into the brutal warrior race known as the saiyans Goku was sent to Earth with the mission to destroy its inhabitants. One knock to the head, and a series that spans from 1984 and is still going on till this day, later we have the Earth’s greatest hero. Goku is the first person people think of when it comes to the strongest anime characters and with good reason. He’s battled galactic overlords, genetically engineered beings, and even receives training from Whis. Throughout the Dragon Ball series Goku is driven by the desire to fight strong opponents. And fights them he does. Often times his enemies are much stronger than him, but through intense training he is always able to overcome. While Goku may not be the strongest ever, especially with the arrive of people like Beerus and Whis he’ll always rank first in our heart.

2. Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto)


The number one hyperactive knuckle head ninja of the Hidden Leaf. Naruto starts out with the worst grades in the ninja academy, failing to become a ninja several times. Being the nine tails jinjuriki Naruto was always despised among the villagers, and acted out for attention. It was only thanks to Iruka sensei that he was able to start forming bonds with those around him. It’s this love for his friends and with their help he was able to become truly strong, and achieve his dream of becoming Hokage.

By befriending and learning from great ninja like Jiraiya, and Killer B, Naruto is able to master a kinds of new jutsu and able to tap into his hidden strength. Winning over the tailed beast inside of him even further bolsters his ability to the point at the end of the series he is able to go up against God like characters such as Kaguya.


Who do you think the strongest anime characters are?

Your turn, comment below and let us know! Who do you think are the strongest anime characters, how would you rank them?

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5 Best Sport Anime You Need to Watch

Let’s be honest most of us don’t play sports and we definitely don’t watch anime about sports. However after recently watching some of the best sport anime out there and I just found a new favorite genre. Just watch one of the shows on this list and I’m sure you’ll fall in love too.

5. Yowamushi Pedal


Samaichi Onoda is a regular Otaku student wanting to start an Anime club in his high school (hit’s right at home doesn’t it?). Having no luck recruiting the first members of his club however he decides to venture to Akihabara and asking around there. 90 Km away. On an old heavy bike. Luckily he’s been making this trip since he was a child. This is when he runs into cyclist Shunsake Imaizumi sees Onoda pedal up an incredible steep hill. Impressed Shunsake challenges Onoda to a race, if Onoda wins Imaizumi joins his anime club. So begins Onodas foray into high speed cycling. Fast bikes, Otaku student, and an anime about anime club? What’s not to love.

4. Haikyuu!!


Pipsqueak Shoyo Hinata feels inspired to start a volleyball team after watching the “Little Giant” in action. With some pretty impressive skill he even manages to take his newly formed middle school team to the championships. Only to be crushed in the first match by the Kings of the Court Tobio Kageyama. Shouyou vows to defeat him in there next encounter. Once graduated however he finds himself on the same team as Tobio in high school. Now they have to work together, improve each other’s weaknesses, and make their team the best in Japan. A great story with a strong rivalry, I’d give it a 7.5/10.

3. Diamond no Ace


You know how Americans are all about their football? Yeah well that’s how Japan is about baseball…but on steroids. That loves is perfectly portrayed in Diamond no Ace . It stars Eijun Sawamura who just recently accepted an offer to play baseball at renown Seidou high school. To say the competition is fierce is an understatement. Determined to make a name for himself Eijun vows he’ll become the team’s best player. Standing in his way is Satoru Furuya fellow first year who’s killer arm has already secured him a spot on the starting line up. If you want a good team oriented sport anime, this is the one.

2. Ping Pong the Animation

Best sport anime without getting to physical
Best sport anime without getting to physical

If team based sports or physically demanding activities isn’t in your taste, but you still want to give sport anime a try then I’d suggest watching this one first. Makoto Tsukimoto along with his friends compete in the iinter-high table tennis competition. To the winner goes the gloryIntense competition, ambitions main character, and grueling training. This has all the elements needed to be one of the best sport anime without the physical contact or team dynamics.

1. Hajime no Ippo: The Fighting


Finally we have Hajime no Ippo. This anime chronicles the tale of Ippo Makunouchi a shy student who is constantly being terrorized by bullies when one day during a particularly aggressive beat down he is rescued by Takamura Mamoru, a pro boxer. Takamura takes the unconscious Ippo to Kamogawa Gym, where upon waking up Ippo takes his frustration out on a punching bag. This is where Ippo’s gift for boxing is immediately revealed. After convincing Takamuro to bring him under his tutelage Ippo begins the start of his own boxing career. You’ll see Ippo completely all sorts of cool training and progress to different boxing championships. This series’ intense fight scenes are only matched by the colorful character development, the best sport anime in my opinion and worth looking into.